WTF / Tiago Bôto & Wagner Borges

WTF / Tiago Bôto & Wagner Borges

WTF: para um princípio da normalidade, VOLUME I e II
Tiago Bôto & Wagner Borges

September 1-3 2017 | friday and saturday 9.30pm | sunday 6.30pm and 9.30pm
5€ [normal ticket] | [dur: 80min]

The same simulacrum set. One night the actor W. On the other the actor T. And so on, consecutively. Alone in a one to one confrontation. Defined rules by each one, for each one. Like F would say: “to fix the place – or maybe the temporary theater”. Suppose this way: What if… “you directed me and I directed you? Just both of us. Different texts. In two Volumes. Here´s the hypothesis we would like to present: the discourse, one at a time – organized and selected by procedures – to dodged to normality, its principles.

/ credits

Creation and Interpretation Tiago Bôto & Wagner Borges
Based on M. Focault
Light Design Alex Costa
Collaboration Leonor Cabral
Promotion Photograph Alípio Padilha
Production Tiago Bôto & Wagner Borges

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