WITCHES BREW / Collective Show

WITCHES BREW / Collective Show
09/08/2013 Rua das Gaivotas 6

Collective Show

july 22-23 2017, | friday to sunday | 3 – 9pm
free entrance

Opening — July 21, 6 – 10pm

Witches Brew is a free themed collective show that gathers a selection of female artists with works in different areas such as illustration, painting, sculpture and video. It will have the duration of three days and it’ll show original work as well as other illustrative elements of each artist’s work.
It will take place in the space of the Prague Theater located in Lisbon in the area of Santos and the opening is set for July 21st at 6 pm with the presence of the respective artists.

/ credits

The exhibition will feature the artists: Kruella D’Enfer (Illustration / Artistic Installation | PT), Wasted Rita (Illustration | PT), Lizzie Joyce Pearl (Painting / Artistic Installation | FR), Marta Monteiro (Illustration | PT), Kathy Ager (Painting | CA), Maria Imaginário (Painting | PT), Mariana a Miserável (Painting / Illustration | PT) e Distorted Vision (Video | PT).