TH GREAT JOURNEY / Inês Lago and Tiago de Lemos Peixoto

TH GREAT JOURNEY / Inês Lago and Tiago de Lemos Peixoto
15/08/2013 Rua das Gaivotas 6

Inês Lago and Tomás de Lemos Peixoto

may 18-21, ’17 | thursday to sunday | 9.30 pm
10€ [
normal ticket] | 5€ [discount of the unemployed, students, under 18, over 65 and performing arts professionals]
[dur: 60min] | M/12

“It seems that there’s an elephant roaming around, as big as the world dreams and woes. Yet no one in the room seems to care”.

“The Grand Journey” uses as a starting point the novel “The Elephant’s Journey” by José Saramago, which tells the tale of a wedding gift from King John III to Archduke Maximilian and it’s journey from Lisbon to Vienna. The extravagant gift, an elephant named Solomon will embark upon a series of adventures as it crosses an entire continent and is witness to the climate of intolerance and division that ran rampant in Europe after the protestant Schism. This troubled Europe, so distant from our time and yet so our own, becomes the backdrop for an unlikely tale of friendship in a language suitable for all ages.

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A show by Inês Lago e Tiago de Lemos Peixoto
In collaboration with Beatriz Maia, João Santos Silva, Manu, Maria do Mar, Maria Martins, Ruben Pêro
Production and communication Paula Gil

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Ticket office open 1h prior to the beginning of the performance
(+351) 912 191 940 (week days from 4pm to 8pm, on performance days from 4pm until its beggining |