Take the Crown [ Electro + Krump Edition ]

Take the Crown [ Electro + Krump Edition ]
17/02/2014 Rua das Gaivotas 6

The Radiotron presents itself as a space for experimenting on the intersection between ‘High Culture’ and ‘Street Culture’, radical concepts for the polyvalent work they have been developing at DNA Lisboa since August 2013. With artist Catarina Campino and dancers and choreographers Vasco Alves and André “Speedy” Garcia for mastermentors, the TKO class was the first group of dancers to investigate, think and reinvent urban culture from this prism – from dance to speech. Take The Crown [ Electro + Krump Edition ] was the collective’s first official event, with the proposition of adding knowledge to the common elements of Hip Hop parties.

The programme for the 15th and 16th of February thus challenged the communities from Electro and Krump stypes to teach, compete and debate in an event that was open to the public. Various pillars of “Hype Hop”, as described by Catarina Campino, were distributed through the space over the weekend; on Saturday, Andreia “Rooks” Silva, Carlos “Big Z” Zagalo, Dougie “Knight” Bmyst and André “Nozk” Marques led dance workshops for all levels at the Gladiator’s Gymnasium, and the All Styles Cypher Arena was the stage for call outs and eliminating battles at the end of the day. On Sunday, the Arena morphed into a conceptual battle field, with Black & White Plague Speakers Fausto Bellucci and Mary B Feliciano at the center of the debates on Krump (between Dougie “Knight” Bmyst e Kat Flow Krump) and Electro (between Marcos André and André “Nozk” Marques). With the history of each movement and the way they came to be known in Portugal for a start, these conversations not only bridged the two styles’ similarities ad they exposed the collective will to reformulate strategies within the communities. From talk to movement, the call outs and battles returned to the center of the All Styles Cypher Arena  and the day ended with the final trials which elected the 3 best dancers.

Throughout the weekend another area of street culture was paid homage at the Wall Scriptorium: visitors were invited to join master Sara Eugénio and artist Ivo Carvalho to know more about street art and draw on the walls or paper with grafite. These two days of intensive learning and unexpected dialogs represented a unique movement in generating critical mass on street culture in Portugal – and leave what’s to come to the imagination. more information on The Radiotron.

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