REHAB / Silly Season

REHAB / Silly Season
01/08/2013 Rua das Gaivotas 6

Silly Season

september 26-27 ’17 | tuesday – wednesday | 9.30 pm
6€ [ticket -30 years old] | 8€ [ticket +30 years old]
[dur: 90min] | M/12

Dear audience,

this is nor a love letter. Even less / a war letter. It isn’t even a letter at all. / It is an incomplete performance. What would’ve / crossed our minds! / Everybody knows that one shouldn’t do / incomplete performances. And that is why I need / 1. (cries) But I need you to change. (cries / more) I miss you, if only / you knew! (cries even more) I will never know / how to write this text if you never read into me. /  AESTETIC**—-GOIU—- REL–/ ACCIÓN* +++++CHOI +++++PUB— / «««««%%EA%%%$$”””1”#$%&/()=?»W*C* / *AIUOESCOIEJHESEACOU! Disruptive / speech, there you go. (smiles) Today we’ll change / position. I am tired of loving myself and the / nostalgia is baffled. (smiles even more and kills / someone) Today we’ll set up, we’ll / redefine. Love another place / – rehabitate, that’ll be the word. / Body, place. (get’s married) / Done withe the anachronism, / on this performance nothing and nobody is private: new relationships, / places yet to be recognized. (lies down and / scratches the groin) I really want to see you and want you to / see me, I want to see if you grew up. If you’re already / emancipated, ‘you getting me? (kisses a / swan) Voyeurism always wins, isn’t that the truth? / the same black mirror to which you look into is / the same that sees and inspects you, which is the same as / saying: that watches you. Become image and / mirage, you are a product of masturbation and meat / for cannon. ( takes of a dress with the color of rain) / Rehab baby, it’s the sound of the music sheet / shared: us. To be or not to be, is no longer a chorus. / Touch. Touch me and then we fight. / Touch and run away. Let’s put an end to this binomial. / (get’s divorced) Amplify it, alias. A lilac. A blue. A / silver. A green. A all colors. (get’s down from the marisol curtain) Dear audience, me / and you, we have only a name on several / existences, a third gender: Rehab. (✔)

/ credits

direction SillySeason
cast Ana Sampaio e Maia, Cátia Tomé, Ivo Silva, João Cristóvão Leitão e Ricardo Teixeira
voice off Tiago Mansilha
props and costumes João Silva
costumes from romantic age Vicente Trindade
light design collaboration Carolina Caramelo
technical support Manuel Abrantes
photography Alípio Padilha
communication Rita Tomás
production SillySeason
support Fundação GDA, Teatro Cão Solteiro, MTC Management Technical Consulting, O Espaço Do Tempo, Polo Cultural Gaivotas l Boavista, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa e Rua das Gaivotas6

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Ticket office open 1h prior to the beginning of the performance
(+351) 912 191 940 (week days from 4pm to 8pm, on performance days from 4pm until its beggining |