HARD QUESTIONS / João Meirinhos

HARD QUESTIONS / João Meirinhos
25/03/2016 Rua das Gaivotas 6

João Meirinhos
Festival Temps D’Images

november 22, 2017 | wednesday | 7.30 pm
3€ (normal ticket) | M/12

from the workshop “Now you do it!” By Rui Catalão

“Hard Questions” follows the work of Rui Catalão and the public presentations of the theater workshop “Now you do it!” In this workshop a model is put into practice in which the participants become interpreters of their own work. They become actors and playwrights. This implies an awareness: the importance of the ability to observe, to reflect, to value personal experience, the act of describing and creating narratives, and to engage in dialogue in relationship with others.
It is not about memorizing a text, but about using memory. It is not about representing a character, but about assuming the consequences of his actions. The piece that comes out of this workshop is one-on-one with the audience: the participants ask uncomfortable questions, and as actors and authors of their characters they have to answer them.

In the end, the participants come on the scene with the professional actors of the play “Now us!” (Adriano Diouf, Joãozinho da Costa, Jéssica Ribeiro, Vânia Lopes and Luis Mucauro) who, following the same rules of the game of difficult questions, together, rise to absolutely unique presentations.

/ credits

directed by João Meirinhos
authorship of the project Rui Catalão
assists Urândia Aragão, Tiago Gandra, Luis Leonardo Mucauro
production [PI] Independent Productions | Tânia M. Guerreiro
supported by the Ministry of Culture / Direção Geral das Artes


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Ticket office open 1h prior to the beginning of the performance
(+351) 912 191 940 (week days from 4pm to 8pm, on performance days from 4pm until its beggining | ruadasgaivotas@teatropraga.com