MELANIA MELANOMA / Miguel Loureiro

MELANIA MELANOMA / Miguel Loureiro

Miguel Loureiro

september 12 – 14 ’17 | tuesday to friday | 9.30pm
7,50€ [normal ticket]

A group of melanoma patients is waiting for SNS’ physician, Dr. Nelson, who’s running late.
“Melania”, a perfumes and cosmetics store, is closed. The store’s employee is late. We look at the shop’s window.
When will these facilities open? The need is urgent: to cure the disease, to boost one’s health. Chit-chatting starts. The state of things. Past, present and future. Rule and exception. Pattern and deviation. Time goes by. Melania Trump and the far right. Pablo Iglesias and the collapse of aesthetics. An occasion piece. Much like “Minajesque” or “Experimentalismo social”.

/ credits

writer and director Miguel Loureiro
cast Miguel Loureiro, Sara Graça, Francisco Goulão, Cátia Nunes, Mirró Pereira, Adriana Aboim, Teresa Sobral, Miguel Curado Sobral e Maria Duarte
image and graphic design Hibou de Gris
lighting design Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
movement assistance Sérgio Diogo Matias

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(+351) 912 191 940 (week days from 4pm to 8pm, on performance days from 4pm until its beggining |