13/08/2013 Rua das Gaivotas 6

Rabbit Hole

May 25-27, 2017 | thursday to saturday | 9.30 pm
May 28, 2017 | sunday | 18h00
5€ (normal ticket) | >12 | [dur: 70min]

[May 27  > Talk with the performers]

– Did you read the book?
– I did.
– Did you really read it?
– A bit. So you didn’t read all of it??
– Not all of it, no.
– What do you mean you didn’t read it all?
– But who said we had to read the whole darned book?

In Crime and Punishment we create a dialogue between Dostoiévski’s work and the debates about punishment, exclusion ion, guilt, transgression ion, in order to reflect in our own process of creation ion. During it, we negotiate and renegotiate the rules, while the action ion develops and time goes by, amplifying the position of who makes the mistake, who fails, who loses the game and who steals the act. The big act ion.

/ credits

Creation and performance João Estevens e Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
Creative assistance Mariana Nobre Vieira
Image André Picardo
Video Joana Sousa
Press Ana Duarte
Production Rabbit Hole
Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto
Support (Artistic Residence) Forúm Dança (Lisboa), Traça (Lisboa), Teatro Rivoli (Porto), Teatro do Mar (Sines), Pólo Cultural das Gaivotas (Lisboa)
Acknowledgements Adriana Aboim, Rita Morais, Tiago Mansilha, Cecília Vaz, Francisco Belard, Sara Leite, Miguel Ribeiro e Natasha B. Costa

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The ticket office opens 1h prior to the beginning of the performance
912 191 940 (week days from 4pm to 8pm, on performance days from 4pm until its beginning)