TRAGEDY / Anthi Kougia and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto

TRAGEDY / Anthi Kougia and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
11/08/2013 Rua das Gaivotas 6

Anthi Kougia and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto

June 30 and July 1, 2 2017 | friday to sunday | 9.30pm
5€ [normal ticket] |[dur: 60min] | M/12

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This performance piece is the second project on which we work together as a company. The creation of the piece is mainly based on the act of CARRYING and RELOCATION, or rather the idea of claiming/invading TERRITORIES. What do we carry within us when we relocate ourselves in space? How do we establish our own new territory? As territories are being outlined through the “space”, the belongingness fades and the boundaries tremble when intermission, interruption and invasion start to create conflict, contradictions and tensions between the two creatures. Through this project, we intend to explore the idea of ourselves being storage containers. Using spherical costumes, we will introduce two creatures on stage – reminiscent of mythological creatures like Atlas, spaceships, planets or even some sort of animals like turtles or snails, which always carry their homes with/on them. But what do these creatures have to reveal on stage? ‘’THE OBJECTS AS THE KEEPERS’’. By setting an unexpected and absurd environment, we will play between the realm of theatre, reality and magic, not really knowing if it is theatre or if it is magic. We would say: always both.

/ credits

Created and performed by Anthi Kougia & Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
Dramaturgy support Dafne Luozioti
Costume design Evangelia Katehi
Costume construction Evangelos Kougias
Image Iris Loi
Support (Residency) DeVIR/Capa (Faro, PT), Pólo Cultural das Gaivotas (Lisbon, PT)
Financial support Hotel Elephant (London, UK)
Acknowledgements Elena Poka, Konstantinos Foukis, Berthe Fortin, Kostas Xydias, Steve Hudson, Natalie Wong, Mengting Zhuo

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